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Welcome to Yoli Gim,
the first virtual gym on the net.

Exercise is very important for health and for your pyhsique or figure. Nowadays we don't have time to spend getting fit, or we don't have enough information. Yoli Gim is the answer to your needs. It offers you an easy way to workout from home, with the only resources you have now. Yoli Gim is also suitable for those who already go to a gym but feel they don't get enough from it. We give you valuable information you can use in the gym. Yoli Gim fulfils an informative role about the world of workouts and sports offering a wide catalogue with amateur pictures of bodybuilders and sportsmen and women.

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YoliGim is a virtual gym personally designed by professionals of bodybuilding and physical education in co-operation with expert programmers. Designed for anyone interested in bodybuilding or just sport in general. Meant for people of all ages who wish to get fit, keep fit or recuperate from an injury. We give you all the chance to design your own training program according to your needs, all this in a convenient and easy way. Become a member of our club and enjoy the advantages of having a gym at home.

You will find your personal gym where you can consult workout technique for all your muscles. We've filmed all the exercises and also provide explanations covering correct exercise form and its benefits. You can also display pictures, sent by members and not members related to the world of sports.

As a member, you have the chance to observe how your physical appearance evolves according to the routines you choose and the time you spend working out. Thanks to a complex technology called 'morphing' you also have the chance to: find out which training programs will be more useful to get the shape you desire according to your age, weight, height, sex, etc; improve your aspect; enhance you muscular endurance and power; gain or lose body volume and weight; or recuperate from an injury.